Layton's Lake District Holiday

in the garden travelling in style


Daddy owes Mummy a lot of points today because Mummy let him go off on his own to climb Scafell Pike!  It was too dangerous for me to go up there  and so Grandad, Granny Sue and Mummy selflessly stayed  with me, although they could all have easily climbed it.  Scafell Pike would have been like a walk in the park to any of them!

After lunch, Mummy, Grandad, Granny Sue and I walked to Elterwater and back.  I was in my pushchair for most of the time but I did have a run around when we reached the open field. 

There were quite a lot of people about and they all smiled and said hello to me. 

We stopped at Chester’s for some lovely cakes and Mummy and I had hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows.

Mummy said that Daddy would be back before 6pm, despite only setting off at 9.30am.  Granny said that she would “eat her hat” if he was back by then because Granny and Grandad  took 12 hours for the same walk.  He was. I don’t think she did!

Riverside Cottage
scafell pike summit


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