Layton's Lake District Holiday

on the shore
on the steamer


I helped Mummy to clean up the kitchen this morning because Grandad cooked one of his special meals last night (Scallops with Rocket and Balsamic dressing, followed by Rack of lamb with gratin dauphinois and vegetables.)

It rained all morning and so I  played while the oldies watched the Golf Open  at Turnberry on the TV.

In the afternoon, Daddy drove us up “the Struggle” to Glenridding and we the took the steamer to Howtown.  I loved the steamer!  There were lots of people on the boat.  I made friends with some teenage schoolchildren.  A boy was wearing shiny overtrousers which were very nice to touch, so I patted his knee a lot. 

It was too late to walk back and so spent a pleasant  hour walking up Hallin Fell.  I had a good run around when we stopped for refreshments.  The views were lovely, I hope we go there again.

I had my sandwiches on the steamer back.  I was very tired!

mummy and I
on Hallin Fell


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