Layton's Lake District Holiday

in the parkSaturday

Another fine day!

We all drove to Ambleside in our car.  It was a tight squeeze in the back with me in  my car seat, Granny Sue in the middle and Grandad next to her.  It was fine though.

We had a mooch around the shops.   Mummy bought some walking shoes and socks and Daddy bought a walking top.  Mummy and Daddy bought me a lovely water container with Thomas the Tank Engine on it.  It’s a proper "Sigg" walker’s one!

We had tea and cakes at Zefferelli’s which is Granny and Grandad’s favourite cinema and restaurant.  Mummy and Daddy aren’t too keen on the restaurant because they don’t serve meat.

Then, I had a play in the park.  Grandad disappeared to clean his shoes because he trod in something. 

My cuddly toysToday established the routine for the holiday.  I stir a little when Grandad falls down the stairs in the middle of the night.  Then nobody dares to get up again until I wake up properly.  Mummy and Daddy get me up and take me downstairs but Grandad and Granny aren’t far behind, which is strange because  Granny Sue told me that Grandad is a bit of a sleepy head.

I have breakfast at about 9, sit in my chair while everybody else has theirs and then Mummy dresses me.   I then play with everybody and everything until it is time for my morning nap which is usually an hour or two, starting about 10.30.  I don’t nap in my travel cot because I would just play and so Daddy takes the pushchair upstairs for me.

I play a little more, inside or preferably outside if someone is prepared to take me.  I have a cooked dinner and then sit nicely in my chair whilst everyone has sandwiches.

We normally go out then, mostly for a walk, and I have a sandwich, some cheesy wotsits and something sweet at about 5.30.When we get home, I play some more, have my bath about 7, followed by milk and bed.  Lovely!

© Granny Sue 2009